Monday, 28 October 2013

Cannot Find a Valid Terminal Services License Server

After installing Terminal Services Role to a server, you may want to specify the license server. The Terminal Server will make an attempt to locate the Terminal Service License servers first, before make an attempt to follow automatic license server discovery process. You may see below balloon :

Note that this is for Windows Server 2008. For Windows Server 2003, please go to here.

Description :
  • You want to specify Terminal Services License server, so Terminal Services role can be used by servers.

How To Do :

  1. Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services > Terminal Services Configuration. Or you can type tscc.msc in Run box.

  2. Right click at License server discovery mode, and click at Properties.

  3. The Properties box popped out. Ensure you specify correct license mode (Per Device or Per User).

  4. Put the License Server name, and press Check Names.

  5. System will discover the License Server(s)

  6. If the server is valid, you will see this screen, press OK

  7. Apply, and you are good to go 



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