Monday, 21 October 2013

No Printers Listed in Citrix XenApp Session - Citrix Print Management Service Not Listed

Printing is one of our important tasks in office. Those documents could be cinema online tickets, flights boarding pass, La Liga timetable... oh, all of those are not office-related. Nevertheless, we still need to print officer documents.. erm, resume for interviews, perhaps? =D

This post is to discuss of one possible issue, Citrix Print Management and Printer Spooler Services. Other possible issues will be discussed in other posts. I don't want to make this posts too lengthy (come on, just admit you are too lazy, Heiry...)

Issues :

  • Users may received one or more errors regards to printing. Below are some of the error examples :

 - or - 

  • Meanwhile from server perspective, no printers listed in Printer and Faxes

  1. Right click at My Computer, and click at Manage

  2. From Computer Management Console, go to Services. Check whether those services are Started / Not Started / Not listed in Services. In below screenshot, Citrix Print Management service is not registered.

Resolution :
  • If those Services are not started, re-start them.
  • if Citrix Print Management Service is not listed, re-register the service by following below steps. 
  1. Run CMD, and browse to %ProgramFiles%\Citrix\System32
  2. Run below command
    cpsvc.exe -install

  3. Check the Services Console again. Ensure Citrix Print Management service is listed. Set it as Automatic and start the service. 

However, you may still need to check whether required Service IDs are properly configured. I will create another post for this :)




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