Friday, 29 November 2013

No Printers Listed in Citrix XenApp Session - ICA-tcp Listener Configuration Error

Users reports that they are not able to perform printing. Services are up and running, but issue still persist, although after you restarted those Printer Spooler and Citrix Print Management services. 

In addition, required Service IDs are properly configured. Users reboot their workstations, but to no avail. So, what is next?

Issues :
  • Users may received one or more errors regards to printing. Below are some of the error examples :

 - or - 

  • Meanwhile from server perspective, no printers listed in Printer and Faxes

  • Upon checking the services, both Printer Spooler and Citrix Print Management services are started. Issue remains although those services restarted. Required Service ID (ctx_cpsvcuser) is in place.

  1. Press Start, hover to Administrative Tools, click at Terminal Service Configuration. Or, press Start, choose run type tscc.msc, and press enter.
  2. Right click at ICA-tcp listener, and choose Properties
  3. Inside ICA-tcp Properties, focus on Permission tab. Ensure Service ID ctx_cpsvcuser is listed, with proper permission. If it is not, follow below steps.

Resolution :

  1. Click at the Advanced button.

  2. Click Add... to add new user
  3. Add this user (ctx_cpsvcuser), press Check Names and OK
  4. For the Permission Entry, Clear the Logon permission and Add Query Information and Virtual Channels with Allow permission.
  5. Ensure you will see the user (ctx_cpsvcuser) added, press Apply and OK.

  6. You will see the ID added to ICA-tcp properties, as below.