Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What Happen If My XenApp Farm Cant Connect to the Data Store?

This is one of my favorite interview question, I just don't know why. it seems simple, but some candidates failed to give a proper answer (poor them). I wish all of them better luck next time.

Okay, now back to the real business. From Citrix Administrators Point-of-View, losing a DB may cost chaos, depending on how severe the issue is. However, from user perspective, nothing is different. Users wont really impacted of this. They still be able to launch Citrix published applications and works as normal. Thanks to Local Host Cache (LHC), it eases the burden of Citrix Admins (oh really?)

However, although all Citrix XenApp servers have LHC, there are some conditions that Citrix Admins need to remember :
  • There is no grace period for this (MPS 3.0 and above). Users still be able to connect to the Citrix farm (lucky!)
  • Only static information  available to users. No new info can be added and current info cannot be changed (not really...)

In any circumstances, DO NOT :
  • Restart / reboot the Citrix XenApp servers. it will cause the server to contact DB server. This will result IMA service won't started.
  • Restart IMA service (same reason as above).
  • Re-create LHC (in order to re-create LHC, we need to stop IMA service).

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