Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What Happen If My XenApp Farm Cant Connect to the Citrix License Server?

Okay this is interesting. In my previous post, I said some candidates did not manage to get the answer correct. But for this question, they got all correct! they even mentioned how many hours rather than how many days. ( how they maange to calculate that fast? Did they have calculator in hand? ahh! smartphones!)

Again, back to the real business. if it happens that the Citrix farm lost connectivity with Citrix license, users still be able to launch the Citrix published application. However, there is 30 days / 720 hours grace period. After this grace period, users won't be able to launch any Citrix published applications.

Question... If my Citrix XenApp servers lost connections to DataStore, I can't reboot my Citrix XenApp servers. But what if the servers lost connections to Citrix License server? The answer is, no problem! it will not give any impact on the grace period or Citrix functionality within grace period. The information stored  in mps-wsxica_mps-wsxica.ini, thus rebooting Citrix servers won't delete the file.

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