Wednesday, 19 February 2014

How To Put Citrix Servers Out Of Citrix Load

So a couple weeks ago I had been asked by my colleague to put some of my servers out of load for maintenance. Then I was like,  "okay, just disable logon then!". Then, he made some weird face to me while saying "Fool, if you disable logon, how am I suppose to login, then? I don't want to trouble myself with console... go figure it out!".. aaaaaannd yes, I figured it out (or was I?? :D)

Description :
Put Citrix servers out of Citrix load (some sort of private mode / maintenance mode).

How To Do :

  1. From the Citrix server (or from your local machine of you has it installed), launch XenApp Advanced Configuration Console.

  2. Right click at Load Evaluator, and click at New Load Evaluator.

  3.  You will see this screen. Put a name of your Load Evaluator (ie. Out of Loads), and at the Available Rules section, click at Scheduling.

  4.  Add Scheduling Rule (you will see it moved from left section to right.

  5.  Now, at every single day, press Remove Interval.

  6.  This is the outcomes. Press OK.

  7. Now you will see another Load Evaluator created.

  8. From Citrix Delivery Console, right click at desired server, go to All Tasks > and choose Assign load evaluator.

  9. Change current Load Evaluator to the newly created Load Evaluator.

  10.  Press OK.

  11.  Now, whenever users want to access applications resides in that server, users will see this. Therefore, it is best to configured other servers to host the applications, so it won't interrupt users' experiences.



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