Friday, 14 March 2014

Invalid Short Date Format on Registry

This is somehow not directly related to Citrix; it is more towards on how application reads information in registry. One of our application relies on Short Date format in Control Panel. Users will face error if the short date format is different with required format.

Issues :

  • Short Date format is different with application required setting. User won't be able to proceed with their tasks.

  1.  Before proceed, ensure the user is not logging into the server (ICA or RDP). Go to Start > Run...

  2.  Type regedit, and press enter

  3.  Browse to My Computer > highlight the HKEY_USERS

  4.  Go to File > Load Hive...

  5.  Browse to user's profile ( %Documents and Settings%\<User ID> or %Users%\<User ID> ) and open NTUSER.DAT

  6.  Put a Key Name, and press OK

  7.  Browse to My Computer > HKEY_USERS > <Key Name> > Control Panel > International

  8.  Search for sShortDate, and check the format of the Data. In here, yo ucan search for Long Date and Time Format too.

Resolution :
  1.  Right click at sShortDate > choose Modify

  2. Configure correct format. In this case it is dd/MM/yyyy

  3.  This is the outcomes

  4.  Once done, browse to My Computer > HKEY_USERS > highlight the <Key Name>

  5.  Go to File > Unload Hive...

  6.   Choose Yes at the Confirm Unload Hive message box

  7.  Hive key is no longer there,

  8.  This is the difference (before and after change).


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