Thursday, 27 March 2014

Published Application Launches Not In Seamless Mode

One of my new user was having this problem, whereas whenever he launched Citrix applications, the application launched within another window (Windowception???). This issue was only occurred to him, but not to other users. Hence, it was safely said the issue is user-related, and not farm-wide.

Issues :

Application did not launch in Seamless mode, but inside another window session (in this case, the published application was Notepad).


** Note that these steps are to be taken from User ends, not the infra**
  1.  Ask the user to access Citrix Web Interface as usual.

  2.  Go to Preference > Session Settings

  3.  Take note on 'Window size:' column

Resolution :
  • Change current Window size to Seamless, and press Save.

  • This is some Help notes provided by Citrix 


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