Friday, 13 June 2014

How To Set up Configuration Logging for XenApp 5 for Server 2003

In this Kb, Citrix explains on how to set up a Configuration Logging for XenApp 6.5. In this 
post, I will show on how to set up the same for XenApp 5 for Server 2003.

Description :
Set up Configuration Logging for XenApp 5 for Server 2003.

How To Do :

  1.  Launch Citrix Console, right click at <FarmName>, and choose Properties.

  2.  Browse to Farm-Wide > Configuration Logging.

  3.  Click at Configure Database.

  4.  Choose connection type (in this case, it is SQL Server), DB Server name, and credential (in this case, I used Windows Integrated security). Press Next

  5.   Speficy the database name, and press Next

  6.  Leave all settings as default, but change "Use encryption" to No. Press Next

  7.  Press Test Database Connection in order to test the connection

  8.  You will see this screen if the testing is successful. Press OK

  9. Now we are good, Configuration Logging properly set up. press OK.