Monday, 14 July 2014

How To Generate Configuration Logging report - XenApp 5.0 for Server 2003

In previous post, i explained on how to enable Configuration Logging on XenApp 5.0 for Server 2003. In this post, I will explain on how to generate Configuration Logging report.

Description :
Generating Configuration Logging report  - XenApp 5.0 for Server 2003.

How To Do :

  1.  Firstly, login to workstation using the ID that has access to the DB. This Citrix blog explains well on the access required.
  2.  Launch Citrix Console, right click at Report Center > choose Generate Report

  3. Choose Configuration Logging Report, and press Next

  4.  If no specification being created yet, choose Create and use a new specification, press Next
  5.  Put the connection name, in this case the connection name is ConfigLogging. Click at Create
  6.   This window popped out, at Provider tab, choose Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, and press Next >>
  7.  At Connection tab, properly specify the server name, credential, and the database. For credential (point #2 in the picture), choose Use Windows NT Integrated security (which is why I asked to login to the machine with that particular ID as step #1). Once all done, click at Test Connection.
  8.  If everything went well, this message will pop-up. Press OK.
  9.  We will be back to this screen, press OK.
  10.  Once we finished creating connection, we will be back to this screen. Press Next
  11.  Select the required farm, press Next
  12.  This screen will appear. Choose Use all available data, and press OK.
  13.  Customize the time accordingly, and press Next
  14.  Publish the report by choosing Publish report option, and specify the location by pressing the Add button. Once done, press Next
  15.  It is always best to save the specification, so we can easily generate the report again later on. Give the specification a name, and press Next
  16.  Everything will be summarize here, press Next.
  17.  All done. You may refer to Job view within Report Center node to check the progress.



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