Friday, 1 May 2015

Disable Local Drive Mapping On Windows Server 2003

This post will show on how to disable local drive mapping via GPO for Windows Server 2003 environment. Considering GPO will take precedence over Citrix policy, this setting will work on both RDP and ICA sessions.

Description :
Disable local drive mapping via GPO (the same setting can be applied to local policy too)

How To Do :

  1. Open your Group Policy Object, and browse to this setting ( Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Terminal Services > Client/Server data redirection 

  2.  Let's focus on Do not allow drive redirection. Right click at it, and click at Properties

  3.  Choose Enabled, press Apply and OK.

  4.  This will be the outcome.

  5. This is the explanation on this setting by Microsoft.  

  6. Drive mapping is now disabled, and users are not able to change it.