Thursday, 18 August 2016

Windows Activation - KMS : Access Is Denied

There are 2 types of Windows Activation - KMS and MAK. However, for this post, I won't be discussing on what are those or their differences, as this post is to discuss an error in regards to KMS implementation. 

Issues :

The following error has occurred. Please resolve the error and try again.

Description :

Access is denied


  1.  Used multiple IDs (Domain Admins as well as Local Admins), however issue stll persist. Thus, it is safe to rule out User ID privilege from the root cause. 
  2. UAC is enabled.

Resolution :
  1.  Go to Volume Activation Tools again, but right click at it and choose Run as Administrator (not Pin to taskbar, sorry for that)

  2. Browse to your server name,and press Next. Punch in alternative credential if needed.

  3.  If you need to activate your KMS, get it activated. In this case, I already activated my KMS, so I will skip to Configuration.

  4.  Once all steps above completed, there hould not be any issue in accessing to the Configuration, "Access Denied" error should not appear anymore.


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