Thursday, 29 September 2016

Citrix Studio – Receive ‘Error Expanding Nodes’ Error While Adding VMs from PVS

While adding VMs created by Citrix Provisioning Services, you may receive this error :

Error : ‘Error expanding node’.

This issue occurred as the machine catalogue was initially created in PVS version 6.x. and current PVS version is higher than that. This is a well-known issue and a Citrix article is available here.

Get It Resolved :

  1. RDP to Citrix Studio server, launch PowerShell console. Add Citrix snap-in by inserting below command :
    Command : asnp Citrix*

  2.  List all Machine Catalog configured in the environment by inserting below command
    Command : get-BrokerMachine

  3.  All Machine Catalog information listed

  4.  Set correct PVS info by inserting this command
    Command : Set-BrokerCatalog –name “<CatalogName” –PVSAddress “<PVSIPAddress>”

  5.  Try to add the VMs again, the problem shall no longer be there.

 Reference :

Location: Auckland, New Zealand


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