Monday, 8 May 2017

Citrix Group Policy Management Console

It is a common practice to have a management server, with most (if not all) consoles installed on it. the purpose of this practice are to consolidate the management consoles into centralized servers, and reduce un-needed resources utilization on target servers (e.g : SQL, AppSense, Citrix Delivery Controller, VMware vCenter). 

One component that I love to have in my management server is Citrix GPMC. I prefer to configure my Citrix policies via GPO, rather than Citrix Policies. One main reason is to consolidate all policies into a single, centralized location. 

This is what you can see from AD server or normal servers/machines without Citrix GPMC installed / enabled.

This is what you can see from Citrix servers with GPMC installed / enabled.

Now, how to install Citrix GPMC : 

  1.  Download the installers from here :

    x86 :

    x64 :

  2.  Right click at the installer, and click Install (or just double click at it).

  3.  Preparing to install..

  4.  Accept the agreement, and click Install

  5.  Installing...

  6.  Done, click Finish.

  7.  Launch Group Policy Management, and Edit any GPO

  8.  Now we can see Citrix Policies available in GPO.

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