Monday, 11 March 2019

Unable to Log In to Visual Studio

Recently, one of my users complaining because they he could not activate Visual Studio with his MSDN account. It works fine on another machine, but not his. I tried mine, and I still got the same error - thus it was safe to rule out it is not license / user issues, but more towards computer issue.

Error :

Microsoft Visual Studio
We could not add the account
Service returned error. Check InnerException for more details

Troubleshooting :

  1. Back to basic - let's start from beginning... Trying to sign in will throw this error window.

  2. Selecting Close on above window would throw this Security Alert warning.

  3.  Selecting View Certificate on above window would give us this.

  4.  Let's view Certification Path, and view Root CA certificate by selecting the root certificate in Certification path | View Certificate

  5.  So it seems the Root CA (in my case) is issued by Baltimore CyberTrust Root.

  6.  Do I have that on that machine? Let see... Launch Microsoft Management Console by going to Run | type MMC | press Enter. Select File | Add/Remove Snap-in...

  7.  Choose Certificate | Add > 

  8.  Select Computer account | Next >

  9.  Select Local computer | Finish

  10.  Select OK

  11.  Browse to Console Root | Certificate | Trusted Root Certification Authorities | Certificates. On right column..... oh no! Baltimore CyberTrust Root certificate was not there!

Resolution :

  1. Now let's install the cert! download the CA (in my case, I downloaded from here : ).

  2.  At the same MMC console, right click at Certificate | All Tasks | select Import...

  3.  Select Next >

  4.  Browse to the CA file | select Next >

  5. Place the cert on below store | select Next >
    Store : Trusted Root Certification Authorities

  6.  Select Finish

  7.  Select OK

  8.  Refresh the console, then we could see the cert is now installed.

  9. Tried to sign in again, we shall now pass!

Location: Auckland, New Zealand


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